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The Importance of Water Damage Mitigation in Atlanta
Water mitigation is the process by which potential water damage is reduced when there is a flood or a leak that has permeated the structure. If the right steps are taken quickly, additional damage can be prevented. When there is a plumbing leak or during a storm water can rush through your home and cause tremendous damage. There can be drenched rugs, wall damage, warped floors and damaged furniture. But this is only the beginning of the amount of damage unless water mitigation steps are not taken quickly to minimize the destruction. The goal is to keep any further damage to your home and possessions and to fully restore your property to its original value.
When Water Extraction is Necessary
Water seepage is relentless and can cause valuables to be damaged permanently. If emergency water mitigation professionals are not on the job within 48 hours of discovering the leak, your possessions may be damaged beyond repair. A plumbing problem is the usual cause of water damage. When water seeps into items of value there are certain steps that should be taken immediately to mitigate the problem and reduce the potential for long-term damage. The Moment You Discover Water or Flood Damage

  • Stay calm so you can think straight.
  • Pick up the phone and call us first!
  • Shut off the water main and any other source of water to stop the flow of water.
  • Shut off all electrical circuits or breakers in flooded areas prior to removing or unplugging any devices from areas submerged under water or from wet carpeting.
  • Place pieces of aluminum foil beneath the legs of any furniture which touching wet carpeting or water in order to prevent any permanent stains.
  • Lift up and tie the drapes and curtains so they are no longer touching wet carpeting or flooding.
  • Lift up and secure the flounces on the upholstered furniture to keep them from absorbing moisture.
  • Remove all items that could possibly stain a wet carpet like books, potted plants, shoes, clothing or fabrics.
Never Delay Calling for Water Removal Services

Water is able to seep and penetrate floors and subfloors which will cause damage to the rooms below. A water vacuum or companies that just have carpet drying equipment are not able to keep water from soaking into and up walls, through baseboards, molding or through sill plates. Structures that are not completely dried out fast enough can end up being infested with mold which is a health risk and needs to be professionally removed by experts in abatement. If the humidity inside a structure is not properly controlled, items that were saved from the original flood or water damage may be destroyed if they absorb the moisture still in the air.

Services Provided

We have highly trained flood restoration professionals able to dry the complete structure as fast as possible. They use the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment. We have a full understanding of the importance of acting quickly when there’s a flooding emergency involving from a plumbing problem or rainstorm backup. When there is any possibility for water damage, fire or smoke damage you can count on us to be there quickly. We are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays to answer your call and arrive with a team of water mitigation professionals and all the necessary equipment to take care of the emergency.

An Atlanta Water Removal and Restoration Company

Someone with a plumbing problem causing water damage or flooding can obviously see they have a mess on their hands and it needs to be cleaned up quickly and of course the right way. But that’s as far as you know so who you call in this situation is extremely important. The right company with solid experience in the field of water restoration has the kind of knowledge, training and expertise to fully understand the magnitude of the situation and damage that can occur due to an unforeseen flood. A qualified water damage who specializes in restoration will find the reason for the flood and make sure that is completely taken care of in order to prevent future similar problems. Any number of things can go wrong in any home or structure as a result of water damage. There are a lot of potential problems that can be avoided with routine maintenance. Water lines and their sources need to be inspected for leaks and possible repairs on a regular basis and anything found should be repaired immediately. Very serious structural damage can very easily be caused by an item costing less than $20. It’s extremely important that home owners know where all the shut off valves are located and where to find the main water shut off. There are usually two main shut offs in most homes. One of the main shut offs is near the street and a special wrench is needed to twist the knob. A second main shut off is usually a lever attached to a spigot right near the house and this is the one that is easier to turn off and the one we recommend using. If you are going on an extended vacation we recommend that home owners turn off the water to the house using the lever on the spigot. If the water pressure in the pipes is let out this can help to prevent leaking or broken valves. You should also turn off the pilot light on any appliances like a gas water heater. The risk is that if you have a leak in your water heater and there isn’t any water coming into it due to the shut off, then the flame will cause some damage to your unit. Whatever your questions are or if you have an emergency, just contact one of the companies on our site.

Handling Mold Issues

Anything that has been saturated in water for a long time will eventually develop mold. Because this is a health risk mold needs to be addressed immediately. Whether this is your home or your place of business a company trained specifically to handle water damage, mold issues and remediation can come out and take care of removing the mold and make sure that it won’t return. To correctly handle water and flood damage it is always best to call in professionals, companies with the training, equipment and expertise to tackle all aspects of water and flood damage. You will end up protecting your health, your structure and your possessions. It will also save you money in the long run and the clean-up and repairs will move along much more quickly when you call in an expert.